Friday, 10 December 2010

Charlie not indulging in "populist" bashing of Southeastern trains

Just a few days after failing to attend the Rail Stakeholders Forum attended by Vince Lucas, service delivery director of Southeastern Railways to argue for the highspeed extension for Deal. MP Charlie Elphicke told the Express he would not be indulging in "populist" bashing of the train operator over the "service failure" on December 1st.
He said: "Of course it's frustrating, but everyone knows that thankfully this doesn't happen all the time and we need to get it clear as soon as possible. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon, it's difficult for everyone."
An extraordinary statement at a time when other Kent MP's are lining up to demand Southeastern trains deliver better services to their constituents and which warrants a reply from
It's interesting that Charlie Elphicke is so out of touch with his constituents saying - he would not be indulging in "populist" bashing of the train operator. Deal commuters, schoolchildren and residents who rely on the rail network are fed up with the abysmal service we get from Southeastern trains even in good weather at an extortionate price. We need the highspeed extension to Deal to bring inward investment, job prospects and relief for London commuters. Other Kent MP's are getting on and doing their job, sticking up for their constituents.

It is inexcusible for Southeastern to just stop services and leave commuters from East Kent stranded, the panic on the underground and complete passenger information meltdown at London terminals on December 1st was a complete service failure. The new Southeastern December timetable will introduce a further 8 minute connection wait for Deal, Walmer and Sandwich commuters at Dover Priory waiting for the highspeed service and in January all peak tickets will increase by 12.8%. Unfortunately Mr Elphicke these frustrations are not going to just "clear as soon as possible".

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  1. Charlie Russel, Deal, KentTuesday, December 14, 2010

    Deal deserves better, we have been seriously overlooked by Southeastern and our MP is not putting up any kind of fight whatsover. Too busy worrying about Dover and not focusing on Deal!