Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Southeastern exclude Deal from the revised highspeed service to combat snow

Due to the ongoing ice and snowy weather Southeastern are running a reduced Mainline service this evening. The highspeed service has been extended to call additionally at Sturry and Minster. Deal has been excluded from this initiative as Southeastern prefer to run empty trains through Deal even though passengers for Deal have been told mainline services are subject to cancellation.


Thursday, 25 November 2010

MP Gale says Southeastern can 'kiss goodbye' to Kent franchise


"Southeastern’s ‘fast link’ is a bad joke so far as commuters are concerned as door-to-door journey times now take longer and cost more. Why should people have to pay to subsidise a service that does not serve their needs?"

Last month a report by the Public Accounts Committee revealed problems with overcrowded trains are set to get worse. Particular mention was made to Southeastern, with passengers being forced to pay premium fares to support the high-speed service when it does not stop at every station.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Some passengers on the Southeastern franchise, linking Kent and East Sussex with the capital, found themselves paying premium fares for the new high speed Javelin services which did not even stop at their stations.

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I pay a premium price for a Southeastern Highspeed season ticket from Kent to St Pancras. Although the Highspeed trains pass through Deal station they dont allow passengers to board even though they are empty so I have to get a mainline train to Dover and then change. Its one thing not to plan for ovecrowding but to allow empty trains to pass through commuter stations is disgraceful.

Kent County Council pushes Deal High Speed extension to top of agenda


At The Kent Rail Summit held in County Hall in Maidstone on 21 October senior transport strategists from the county council revealed that the extension of the high speed service HS 1 to Deal had become a top priority.

High-speed train bid to lobby ministers


New call for high-speed trains in time for Open