Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Southeastern exclude Deal from the revised highspeed service to combat snow

Due to the ongoing ice and snowy weather Southeastern are running a reduced Mainline service this evening. The highspeed service has been extended to call additionally at Sturry and Minster. Deal has been excluded from this initiative as Southeastern prefer to run empty trains through Deal even though passengers for Deal have been told mainline services are subject to cancellation.



  1. I managed to get back to Dover but their was no information on the platform screens and the only Southeastern employee I could find didn't have a clue. I did hear from someone that a highspeed train stopped at Deal. It's beyond belief that they dont stop anyway.

  2. Suggesting that if sufficient interest can be fitted with service possible, a daily charter train could run Deal/Sandwich (get major local operation like Pfizer on board) a typical train could be 600-800 seats, so if commuters switched that could be £2m or more per year to pay for the service

    Of the 29 Javelins I gather that 3-4 are not currently required due to low numbers - especially on N Kent services, but SET might be only operator who can use them with leasing deals. Low speed route can be equally fast though especially for those who have to then get STP to CHX CST or LBG.