Thursday, 13 February 2014

Isn't it time we had democracy for DEAL

Why is the district called Dover? 

Why is the constituency called Dover? 

Why should DEAL hospital be sacrificed for a new Dover hospital? 

Why does the district council throw its full resources behind a cinema for Dover yet appears lacklustre regarding the Regent Cinema?

I could go on indefinitely but I am sure you get the idea. Of course Dover used to be a primary urban area in East Kent but while its population has flatlined over the past 80 years, the population of DEAL has increased exponentially.

Ideally DEAL Town Council would have evolved into an entity ensuring the democratic needs of not only DEAL but also Walmer, Kingsdown and Ringwould were championed. However scandal and concealment has made it almost as detached from the community as the district council itself.

So what has all this got to do with trains I hear you ask. Well I have long held the belief that DEAL which I perceive includes Walmer, Kingsdown, Ringwould and the villages has always been treated with contempt by the district council but presumed it was 'just me'... But when I read this following extract in the latest edition of Kent Business which has a feature about DEAL I realised I might not be alone.

Kent Business (February 2014) 

DEAL has progressed significantly over the last few years but isn't it time we had democracy?

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